White Ribbon South Africa Community Status Toolkit

This is a guide to attaining White Ribbon Community Status.

White Ribbon Status is awarded by White Ribbon South Africa to Communities, Organisations, Municipalities, Townships and other similar bodies who demonstrate over a period of time that they have and are engaged in activities designed to primarily educate men and boys, as well as women and girls about Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Harassment or  violence and abuse against women and girls (VAWG) as it is also often knows and involve them in bringing VAWG to an end in South Africa.

There is a link to download the whole document at the end of this page

The projects can be scaled up or down to suit the applicants – so please do not be put off

This document is organic as they say and is constantly being updated with input from participants so please contact us if you want to discuss any kind of project.

Thank you.



Section One – introduction


1. Welcome 3
2. The White Ribbon South Africa Campaign 4
3. Getting started 6
4. Step by Step 7


Section Two – what will White Ribbon Status do for your Community /Organisation?


5. How will your Community benefit? 8
6. Tangible Results 9
7. Legacy 9


Section Three – what is required to obtain White Ribbon Status?


8. General 10
9. Core Activities 10
10. Additional Activities 13
11. Costs 14


Section Four – what will White Ribbon South Africa do to support you?


12. Proposed Projects 16
13. Commitment 16
14. Award of White Ribbon Status. 17
Appendix ‘A’ – checklist of main roles 18